If your windshield gets damaged, it’s important to immediately resolve the issue. Whether you should repair or replace your windshield often depends on your particular situation.

Following Guidelines

Different states have different laws and guidelines stating whether your broken windshield can be repaired or if it must be replaced. This will typically depend on the size of the crack and the extent of the damage.

Location of the Damage

If the crack is right in front of you when you’re driving, it’s often a good idea to get the windshield replaced, since repairing the crack may leave the area blurry. Having a blurry spot right in front of you when you are operating a vehicle is usually not conducive to save and comfortable driving.

Additionally, cracks that are on the side may spread more easily. Therefore, the mechanic may advise you to completely replace the windshield to eliminate the chances of the damage potentially expanding.

How Long Did You Wait?

Even a small crack that is filled with dirt and debris may be harder to fix. Therefore, your chances of getting the windshield crack effectively repaired often correlates with how soon after the accident you took your damaged car to the repair shop.

Whether you choose to repair or replace the windshield, getting it fixed can often prevent further damage in the future. Contact Capital Auto Glass to find the best solution for your broken windshield.