Many drivers have experienced the dread that accompanies the strike of a small rock against their windshield, and suddenly become devout believers in prayer as they glance at the glass in hope that it remains unscathed. And then, they are left with a small and insignificant looking ding in their windshield.

Although a vehicle owner might be tempted to equate a windshield ding as a cosmetic blemish similar to a ding in their vehicle's door and decide to ignore it, a ding is actually a chink in your windshield's armor and can lead to damage sufficient to require windshield replacement.

How Can a Small Ding in a Windshield Cause Future Problems?

A ding, or small hole in the outer layer of your windshield, creates a weak point in the surface. Windshield glass expands and contracts gradually as temperatures rise and fall, and a windshield that is not compromised by small vulnerable areas such as dings can handle the transitions by distributing the pressure equally throughout the surface of the glass.

The same pressures might be produced by sudden jarring motions caused by striking objects in the road or running into potholes, but an intact windshield can absorb the stresses. However, an event such as blowing a warm defroster on a very cold windshield, which can result in a rapid expansion of the glass, or a sudden impact and jarring of the vehicle can cause the stress to fan outward from the vulnerable point.

This can create a crack to form across the entire length of the windshield, obscuring visibility for the driver and leading to possible repair citations from law enforcement.

Will a Cracked Windshield Cause Your Windshield to Shatter Into Shards of Glass?

Windshields are designed to shatter into small, relatively harmless, particles of glass to avoid the physical damage to occupants of a vehicle should a failure occur.  This is because they are composed of layers of annealed glass sandwiched around a layer of malleable transparent plastic. A ding is likely to occur in the outer layer of the windshield glass. 

Of course, this doesn't mean that the impact of a failed windshield is completely harmless. The glass particles can still present dangers in the form of cuts and eye damage and contribute to an accident if the vehicle is being driven. A cracked or otherwise compromised windshield is always at greater risk of failure should an incident occur.

What Can Be Done About a Ding in a Windshield?

Fortunately, auto glass specialists can often repair dings in windshields before they get a chance to wreak havoc at a future time. The windshield will regain its structural integrity as well as its former beauty because the process will restore the windshield to its original unblemished surface.

If the damage is too severe because the ding has begun to spread its tentacles in lines across the windshield, auto glass experts can replace the windshield.

Do You Need to Take Your Vehicle to an Auto Glass Facility?

Actually, many auto glass companies will come to your home, work or any other place of your choosing to repair or replace your windshield. Most auto insurance policies with collision coverage cover windshield replacement, and some insurers will waive the deductible if you decide to be proactive and get a ding repaired before it leads to windshield replacement.

Your insurer will often have a selection of preferred providers with whom they have worked in the past and will arrange service and billing with any provider chosen by the customer, who needs only to pay the deductible when the job is complete.          

If you're in need of windshield repair, contact Capital Auto Glass. We work with all insurance companies and come to you for repairs to ensure that you make the wise decision to say goodbye to the ding in your windshield.