You came outside to find your vehicle’s windshield was damaged by what appears to be a rock thrown into it. Now what do you do? You are faced with the decision many people have to make regarding what is the wisest financial decision: Utilizing your insurance to replace your windshield or paying for the service out of your own pocket.

If you have Comprehensive Coverage or a special Full Glass Coverage rider on your insurance policy, the simplest solution would be to use your insurance to expedite the necessary glass repair.

Let’s say you do not have full coverage and only have liability coverage for your car.

First, you will have to meet the deductible. Insurance only pays for the amount over the deductible.

Second, this claim will impact your insurance premium. Therefore, you many end up paying more for your monthly or quarterly insurance coverage due to the claim.

Perhaps it would be better simply to pay out of pocket for the glass. Capital Auto Glass can advise you on the best approach through quotes and industry knowledge, call today!